Photonics Lab carries out high-impact research in the fields of Photonics and Biophotonics, focusing on imaging and spectrophotometric systems for microbiological applications.

The Lab is active in the fields of low-cost LED-based spectrophotometry, bacterial biosensors, cell counting using confocal microscopy, elastic light scattering for bacterial characterization, microfluidic approaches to study bacteria.

Teaching Section:


The course provides students with the basic knowledge of light generation, detection and propagation in free space and through guiding media.
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The Course provides the fundamentals of biophotonics, and biophotonic systems, devices and instruments.
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Research Section:

Photonics Research

In 2003 University Roma Tre patented an innovative multiport passive planar lightwave circuit (PLC) with an arrayed-waveguide grating (AWG) configuration, that is able to optically implement the discrete Fourier transform.
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Biophotonics Research

Bacterial identification and enumeration is an essential procedure for antibiotic and toxicology tests, as well as for the evaluation of drug and food safety. Microbiological analysis relies on the accurate evaluation of the number of microbial cells on a glass slide, using an epifluorescence microscope; on the other hand, microbial viability is determined measuring the membrane permeability to fluorescent dyes. We develop accurate automated image processing for bacterial direct cell counting.
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