Biophotonics Research

The research group of the Photonics Lab, In collaboration with the MicroBiology Laboratory of Roma Tre is performing a complete photonic characterization of bioluminescent phenomena in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa bacteria. Bioluminescence is a special form of enzyme-catalyzed chemiluminescence in living organisms, where photon emission is derived through natural evolution. The enzymes are called luciferases, and the photon-emitting substrates are luciferins. We perform studies on photon counting, coherence properties of bioluminescent light, as well as polarization and spectral analysis to fully characterize the phenomenon from a biophotonic point of view.

Part of the research is also focused on spectrophotometric analysis of biological liquids and the development of mobile Apps and Cloud networks for e-Health applications, in collaboration with DNAPHONE